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Oak and Glass Staircase

So you have decided to install an Oak and Glass Staircase, what do you need to know?

Primarily they suit areas which are more open than stairs installed in a well, enclosed on either side by walls.

A glass balustrade arrangement is not going to look very appealing if there is a wall immediately behind the glass hence the requirement for at least one side of the staircase to be open to a room space. The same consideration applies to what is beneath the flight.

Generally, an open-plan design of a room or entrance will be more suitable for the installation of a feature staircase than an enclosed space. The same consideration applies to the landings or galleries. The more space and light available the more a timber and glass arrangement makes sense.

Particularly where the balustrade is concerned. Customers are always pleasantly surprised by how much lighter a space appears when you don't have spindles blocking light transmission.

Oak and glass staircase with glass inset panels.
Glass Balustrade and Landing

Material choice

There is an extensive range of materials to choose from when you are thinking about a new staircase. The timber doesn't necessarily have to be oak, although that is the most popular hardwood choice. Ash, Beech Walnut and Sapele are all suitable for staircase construction. If you have any concerns over the choice of a suitable timber speak to us and we will guide you through the process.

The same applies to the balustrade arrangement. Glass can be in the form of small panels called glass spindles or whole panels that replace the spindle arrangement. They can be inset into the handrail or held with attractive chrome or brushed steel clamps.

An elegant inset glass arrangement.
Glass Balustrade

Many of our customers make their decision by looking at staircases on our or other companies websites for ideas. At JD Staircases we supply from the UK's main suppliers of stair parts so we are confident we can fulfil your requirements.

In many respects the whole point of a bespoke staircase is that it has that individuality that distinguishes it from ordinary every day products.

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