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  • How much will a new staircase cost
    It's a good question and it's often the first one we are asked. The answer is: 'It depends'. For a start there are thousands of designs and variations that are available. If you want a staircase built from Oak it is going to cost a lot more than one made from Pine. Chrome spindles will cost more than Pine spindles and so on. The simplest way to find out is send us your measurements and specifications and we will draw up a design and cost it for you.
  • Do you design staircases?
    Yes. We measure your existing staircase or in the case of a new build the space where it is going to be installed. Using the very latest in design software we then Design a staircase to your specification and provide you with a unique link so that you can see it in a 3D representation.
  • How do I pay for a staircase?
    We always ask for a deposit and when the staircase is delivered the final balance. We never supply a staircase until the final balance has been paid.
  • Will my staircase be varnished?
    Most of our staircases, but not all, are supplied free of any finish. The reason for this is that if we apply finishes in our factory and then deliver the varnish or stain may be damaged during installation. We generally recommend applying oils, stains or varnishes after the staircase has been installed.
  • How long will I have to wait for my new staircase?
    When a design has been approved and a deposit paid we can manufacture a staircase quite quickly. The caveat being that it depends upon how busy we are and how complex your staircase is. Generally we aim to supply a staircase within two weeks from a confirmed order.
  • Will I need assistance when you deliver?
    Yes. Our delivery driver will help unload a staircase from our vehicle but depending on the size and weight of the staircase he will require assistance. Normally this would be a minimum of two people. We recommend that you call us to check for specific details.
  • Is your timber from a sustainable supply?
    Yes. Our supplier is FSC registered, Forestry Stewardship Council. The FSC certifies timber in a chain of custody system that means you can be assured that your timber comes from ethically managed, sustainable plantations.
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