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A number of staircase manufacturers offer you the option of designing your staircase using their online software. While this may initially 

seem an attractive option we see it as a pitfall best avoided.

At JDStaircases, we have deliberately chosen not to go down this route.

Our joiners have spent a lifetime designing and making staircases for our customers, there is nothing that they don't know about designing staircases.

What they do know is that it is never as straightforward as people may think. Perhaps if there was such a thing as a standard staircase it would be feasible but there is no such thing. Nearly every single staircase is unique in some way. This is mainly due to the huge range of options available to a design.

At JDStaircases we use the very best software available, Staircon, to make the design stage as simple and reliable as possible and provide our customers a satisfying experience that does not involve getting to grips with unfamiliar software and arcane joinery terms.

Our design process is simple and guaranteed to result in a fantastic staircase.

We measure the space where the staircase is going to be installed. This is one of the most important stages of the whole process in simple terms the measurements have to be correct.

Consideration has to be given to finished surfaces, they may not have been built, and other details that would catch out the unfamiliar. This is why we prefer to measure as a mistake at this stage may well be un rectifiable once the staircase has been manufactured.

When a customer contacts us we discuss in broad terms what they are trying to achieve. 

If in agreement we measure the site and then, normally within 1 working day, provide the customer with a unique link so they can preview how their staircase will appear.

At this stage, the opportunity arises to make design changes easily.

When the customer is happy with the design we take the order and a deposit and move to the manufacturing stage. Our average lead time is two weeks from order to delivery

but this does change depending on how busy we are.

We deliver and in some cases arrange for the installation, contractors generally have a joiner on site but every installation is different so make sure this is discussed when you place your order.

Oak and Pine Staircase

An original use of mixed timbers. Retains style but reduces the cost.

Oak and Pine Balustrade

A clever use of different timbers to achieve a stylish result.

Painted Pine Spindles

Some of the elements on this staircase are painted.

Gallery and Balustrade

Dramatic turned oak Newel Post

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