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New Staircase

A new staircase or a staircase renovation can transform a property.

Depending on the space available a staircase can add form and light by incorporating contemporary materials and design.

It may be that you only want to replace the balustrade elements in which case you only have to think about Newel posts, Spindles, Strings and Handrails.

There is an enormous range of styles and materials to choose from so just by concentrating on these three items it is possible to update an old tired staircase into a thing of beauty. A real focal point in your home.

Oak Staircase with turned features
A festival of traditional turned oak

Or you may want to change the staircase completely and install a new staircase. Although a new staircase installation is easier when a house is being built it is not that disruptive if you are replacing an older staircase.

The beauty of a bespoke staircase is that it adds style and value to your home.

In many houses the first major feature that people see is the staircase, so it pays to make it special. In addition, a feature staircase can be a great thing to live with.

You may choose to go with a feature staircase that incorporates all of the traditional turned features that were popular in the past or the latest combination of a suitable hardwood and toughened glass.

Glass staircases are increasingly popular because replacing the spindles with glass panels increases the admittance of light. It is surprising how much light is cut out by spindles.

The same applies to steps. A much lighter feel can be obtained by having partial risers between the steps.

Oak and Glass Staircase
Stylish combination of oak and glass

In the past, it was possible to have a complete open tread and no risers at all but modern staircase building regulations now stipulate that there must not be an open space between steps of more than a hundred millimetres. That is why we now build partial risers.

Whatever you decide you will find JD Staircases more than capable of realising your design ideas.

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