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Great Staircase Design

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

This impressive new staircase, situated in a new build, shows just what can be achieved with some imagination. Linking three storeys with flights and galleries

it demonstrates beautifully the use of mixed timbers. A three-storey staircase manufactured in oak would have cost as much as a small house. Here the designer has shown that a carefully thought-out design can produce something of great beauty at a reasonable cost.

Although the handrail, steps and newel posts are of engineered oak all of the other elements of this impressive staircase are constructed from softwood. The risers and cut string are made from pine as are the painted spindles.

The cut string gives a sense of drama to the exposed side of the flight and the painted elements reflect the decor of the property.

The Oak detailing is what gives the staircase a touch of class whilst not costing the earth.

The end result, when viewed over three floors and combined with a dramatic but elegantly simple chandelier is a beautiful functional staircase that perfectly reflects and compliments the interior design.

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